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Stretch Tent Sales

We don’t just rent out stretch tents on a temporary basis! We also offer stretch tent sales and long-term hire options, including bespoke tent design and all the necessary rigging equipment. So, if you require a stretch tent for more than a limited hire period, contact our team today.

Whether you’re setting up a semi-permanent structure on your property or planning regular stretch tent usage in the long-term, our tents are more than suitable. With our team, you can expect a detailed and personalised design service, and if you have any questions along the way, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Detailed Design

Made-to-measure Stretch Tents

All our tents are made to measure based on your specific requirements, for a fully individualised sales experience from start to finish. If you want to trial a stretch tent on location before committing to a purchase, why not discuss our long-term hire options?

Your journey starts with a detailed design consultation with our experienced and friendly team. This gives us an opportunity to assess your needs and make sure our design follows your specific requirements from the outset.

We will then take your specifications and design a bespoke stretch tent from scratch, including the fabric itself and all the necessary fixing and rigging solutions. You can expect expert advice and support throughout, along with professional aftercare.

Bespoke Design Service







High-quality Fabric

We use high-quality, weather-resistant fabric for all our tents.


Extensive Range

Reliable Rigging Equipment

We offer an extensive range of reliable rigging equipment to help make your tent stable and secure, including:

For more information about the specific rigging equipment required to get the most out of your tent, speak to a member of our time. We will always make sure you have everything you need.

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To discuss stretch tent sales in more depth, contact our team today.

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