Modular Stretch Tents

An Alternative to a traditional marquee

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional framed marquee, consider opting for one of our fully customisable modular stretch tents. With their flexible design and natural aesthetic, stretch tents offer a stylish solution for any outdoor event. What’s more, with our dedicated design team on hand to help you make the most of your rental, you can expect a smooth service from start to finish.

Range of Layouts

Fully Customisable Design

Modular stretch tents are incredibly versatile. Our tents can be designed and installed in a range of different layouts, so you can choose the perfect set-up for your event.

For example, depending on the weather conditions, you might opt for a more closed, sheltered design. On the other hand, if your event is taking place somewhere scenic, you might prefer to open up the sides of your tent to take in the views. We can even combine multiple tent modules to create an entirely unique space.

So, if you’re looking for something more modern than a traditional framed marquee, then consider hiring a stylish modular stretch tent from our collection. Our stock is constantly changing and expanding. So get in touch to discuss your needs and find out what we have on offer.

Organic Appearance

Natural Aesthetics

Stretch tents are often chosen for their flowing, organic appearance, which blends seamlessly into the natural environment. Why not complement this natural aesthetic with our range of optional extras, including natural wood poles in bamboo, ash or birch, and rustic hessian matting? If you prefer something sleeker, we also offer black metal poles. And, if weather conditions are a cause for concern, you can customise your tent with clear-windowed side walls to keep out the elements without spoiling the view.

Bespoke Tent Installation

Suitable for a Range of Events

Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, not to mention their striking appearance, our tents are an increasingly popular choice for events of all shapes and sizes, including:

So, if you’re organising one of the above, or something else entirely, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your event in detail and come up with a bespoke tent installation tailored to your needs.

Popular Sizes

Tent Plans

unrivalled versatility

Customisable Set Up

Create your own fully customisable set up with a modular stretch tent. Modular canopies open up a whole host of possibilities on size and formation for your events, festivals, parties & weddings! Build a set-up tailored to your needs and tackle any awkward space with their unrivalled versatility.

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