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The UK has one of the greatest festival scenes on the planet. Every summer, hundreds of music events take place in outdoor settings across the country. One thing we can’t rely on, however, is British weather. So, if you’re organising a festival or outdoor music event in the UK, make sure you provide your performers and your punters with adequate shelter with our customisable stretch tent range, ideal for bars, stages, catering and more. Contact our team to discuss our festival tent hire options today.

Highly Customisable

Custom Outdoor STAGES

Stretch tents are highly customisable by nature. Their free form design allows them to be designed and installed in a wide range of configurations. The durable, weather-resistant tent fabric is suspended from wooden or metal poles, and can either be left open on all sides to allow people to come and go, or closed off for a more sheltered, indoor feel.

The flexibility of our tents makes them ideal for outdoor events, where the ground may be uneven and the space itself may be a difficult shape. We will work closely with you, offering site visits to optimise our design. So, whether you need tents to house small bars, major venues or a combination of both, our design team can help you find the perfect solution.

Range of Extras

Curate an Experience

One of the joys of putting on a festival is being able to create a whole new world, whether it’s for a whole weekend or just one night. With our versatile, modular tents and our wide range of optional extras, you can curate a unique experience for your punters that allows them to leave their day-to-day life behind, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Choose from a range of rustic, naturalistic furnishings, ideal for creating a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. We also offer lighting systems and fire pits to help set the mood both inside and outside the tent. All you need to do is book some incredible bands and DJs to make your festival truly unforgettable. Get in touch today to start your journey.

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